Monday, 20 February 2012

8. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Song by Sir Elton John always keep playing as background when I looked at this picture.

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Sir Elton John
Location : KLIA, Sepang
Mode : Auto, Canon 1100 D


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Saturday, 18 February 2012

7. the thirsty girl

Are you thirsty too? Lemme feed you
Location : Merlion Park, Singapore
Mode : Auto, Canon 1100 D

Believe me, there's a lots of other actions than this taken by other tourist! LOL.


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Thursday, 16 February 2012

6. ah........................

I AM not really know the correct word to say when I saw this moment. But If you relate to those shiny hot day with this moment, you will feel.......................

Location : Concorde Inn, KLIA
Mode : AV, Canon 1100D


My Momentlicious

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

5. The Hunting

My momentlicious with friends in Singapore continue here. The last part of our journeylicious to Singapore were continued with SHOPPING!!

These are the momentlicious that I took from Bugis Street the longest shopping street in Singapore (from what I read). Tips : this street is worth it for surveniour hunting and lots of cheap cheap cheap things!! The lowest price was 10SGD, but please don't convert it to RM. You will cry then. :P

So, what are we waiting for? Let the my momentlicious begin ,

The paper clips. So cute!

See? Cheap aite? And I get the info bout largest shopping street from this thing. Haha!

This is funny! LOL

Naughty :P
Mode : CA , Canon 1100D


My Momentlicious

4. The mystery of spices

Believe me this is the only one picture that I managed to capture. Why? Because I feel so shy and awkward to catch this moment in the middle of strange busy people having their buffet dinner. Can you imagine the girl with her camera, busy capturing around and blocking you to take a food? Well this is the result (only one result  , sad) for you to feel my momentlicious.

A big thanks to Concorde Inn, KLIA team for allowing me taking some picture and disturbing your guest having their dinner. This was a decoration for Thaipusam celebration recently. I will share with you other picture (of course the food) but before that I want to share this picture first because the colours of the spices makes interested to capture the moment no matter what.In Malay "hati seperti ditarik- tarik". :)

The mystery of spices
Location : Concorde Inn, KLIA
Mode : AV, Canon 1100D

My Momentlicious

3.The happy face

I took this picture while waiting for my flight going back home from the Singapore trip. Cute aite?!

Place : LCCT, Sepang
Mode: AV, Canon 1100D


My Momentlicious

2. It's fun zone in happyland!!

I've visited Universal Studio, Singapore recently. And this was my second time visiting the place. When the first time I went there my eyes were amazed with the colours, fun and joy there! An this become the one of the reason why I re-visit this place for the second time besides the launched of transformer zone (is it we call it zone?haha) on January 2012. And what can I tell you , it's worth it to spend your 36SGD (I not really remember the price, sorry), and well for me have make it  to double!

"Are you will come again in 5 years time?". The USS team ask me during the survey while waiting for my friend buying  gifts for our friends.

My answer:

"I think I will come again in less than 5 years!". She laughed.

It's worth it guys!

So now let the pictures prove it to you.

Most of the picture taken by using AV mode from Canon 1100D. All I can say is AV mode is one of my favourite. :)

Please forgive me for not even know the exist of this Hollywood's star name. Do you know who is Sid Caesar?I just know who is Julius Caesar? Heh!

The fake scared girl :D
Are you dare to drink this potion?I kinda like it!!
Park yourself with your own risk :)
Old school parking metre in New York
Donkey and his friends
Oh..I always feel pity when look into his eyes either in movie or the toys!


My Momentlicious

1.My Introlicious


The reason why I create this blog is to share my interest in taking picture with all of you out there. There world out there is huge and and I want to capture all the momentlicious as much as I can. So, I took this opportunity  try to capture the momentlicious from my point of view and try to share with you out there!

Hope u'll like and enjoy it! Let the pictures talk!

The Bougainvillea lives happily ever after at the far-far away land castle
Moment taken:Universal Studio, Singapore
Mode : AV, Canon 1100 D

My Momentlicious